Home Organization

Home Organization

Local home organization specialists website needed a new design to showcase their stunning work and serve as a home for their growing collection of recommended products.

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Statistics show that 96% of Americans with access to the internet have made a purchase online. E-commerce offers consumers a more convenient way to shop for the products or services they need without having to visit a retailer's physical location to make a purchase. 

Here we have set up a very simple store with a user-friendly backend. The customer can easily add new products within minutes. 

Social Media

One of the fastest growing sources of income from blogs and influencers is the connection of social media to their website as a means for affiliate links, With a seamless connection to their large Instagram following, this store contains simple affiliate links run through the website. 

Ashley Smith
A true perfectionist. I would refer him again and again.
Ashley Smith
Owner, OCD AZ

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